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Jason William McKenzie CV 2014

Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX Plus Alpha
DeadRising 3
DeadRising 2: Off The Record
Sleeping Dogs
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Skill set:

 - Cell Lead on Deadrising 3.

  • Responsible for technical requirements, outsourcing, and aesthetic aspects of “owned” areas of the world.
  • Responsible for creating and maintaining a schedule for 3 other artists
  • Created docs for forecasting asset creation time to aid in scheduling the creation of districts in our game
  • Assisted in the creation of new features within shaders to push the quality bar

- Created Outsourcing briefs and maintained feedback on multiple assets with 5 different companies as well as polished and integrated the final approved assets

– Created Mission specific locations with an emphasis on texture work (normal, spec, diffuse, stateblocks, and reflection) utilizing Shader treatment.

– Excelled in memory management to create the highest quality environments within the specs of the game. Efficient memory problem solving ability to aid both myself and other artists to create the best visual content.

– Worked with Concept Artists on the look and feel of environments, rendering programmers for functionality of shaders including reflection, and Technical Artists to create Visual appealing interactive environments and props.

– Worked with level designers to create in-game support for new character functionalities, extensive experience Grey Blocking, Worked with cinematic team to create new cinematics in varying locations within the world.

– Worked with lead artist to review models for aesthetic and technical approval. Create documents to track development and aid in the organization and efficiency of art integration from the art team.

– Created and edited buildings, that include their own unique prop and texture sets, which were instanced throughout the world.

– Learnt and implemented all proprietary software to import prop, static, and instanced geometry into the build and created dynamic, animated, and 2-state destructible props to support environment design.